Random Ish: The New Years Edition


What's up people, you know what time it is.

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Forget “Diamonds from Sierra Leone,” this is the real deal.

This is weird: Some Sweedish chicks cover Saul Williams', “List of Demands.” At first I was like WTF?, but by the end I was diggin' it.

Speaking of Google Video, when in the HELL did this ish become cool? Case in point : Here. Here. And Here.

Test Icicles: For real, or just a Bloc Party knockoff?

The Carps: Look out for them in '06. This is my song right now.

Lupe Fiasco article in The Fader (via Rome). Just made me want to listen to the 1st and 15th mixtape again.

This dude walks through glass. WTF? (From my new fav. blog Qarxis.)