New Music: Lethal Bizzle



Lethal Bizzle“Fire”
from Against All Oddz

Even with the moderate success of Dizzie Rascal, M.I.A. and The Streets over here, UK hip-hop is still virtually unknown among the general public in this country. There are attempts being made to bring more UKHH to America (look at SAS and Jay-Z's signing of Lady Sov), but somehow I doubt that any UK act will get a reception like the Beatles when they arrive in this country.

Having that said, the UKHH community is still trying to break ground in the US, even while many artists are still unsigned and unrecognized in their own country. Enter Lethal Bizzle. I stumbled upon Lethal Bizzle back in '02 when his More Fire Crew dropped “Oi!”, on BBC radio. “Oi!”, became a UK chart hit, but Bizzle and was dropped from his label the same year.

During the last three years, Bizzle has used his own money to try and work his way back to the top. Instead of creating beef with other grime artists, he has focused his time and energy on uniting the UK hip-hop scene. His positivity is rare for a UK grime artist.

Bizzle has already collaborated with Twista and has been spotted in LA trying to negotiate US distribution deals. He should be coming to America soon.