Ms. Hill


Ms. Hill

February's issue of Essence features an exclusive interview with Lauryn Hill while in the midst of recording the Fugees reunion album. In it, she addresses the reasons for her withdrawal from the public eye in recent years and introduces us to her new public persona of 'Ms. Hill.'

First reported as a blind item by the New York Daily News a couple of months ago, Lauryn has insisted that everyone working on the Fugees reunion album refer to her as 'Ms. Hill.' I actually thought this was just another item from the rumor mill but apparently there's some credence to it.

“I'm Ms. Hill because I know I'm a wise woman,” she says. “That is the respect I deserve.” She also attibutes her public withdrawal to her fear of celebrity and the exploitation of what she sees as her “creative birthright.”

On the Fugees reunion:

“By coming back and resolving the issues that separated the band, we're trying to capitalize on a vibe and synergy that once was…We had the complications of becoming very public people at a very young age…Things probably didn't end properly. So this project has much to do with closure.”

Those looking for tabloid-esque fodder on the myriad details of her personal life will be disappointed. This simply allows you into the mind of the current Ms. Hill and allows you to draw your own conclusions.

So check it out.