Movie Update: Outkast's Idlewild

by Lady Glock


So we are one step closer to seeing Outkast's “latest” work: Here's the trailer for their upcoming musical film Idlewild

I was really excited to see it, and now after having seen the trailer, I'm actually even more excited. Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is giving the release date as March 10th. Let's hope it's not in select theaters.

And just for the record…now I know where Terrance Howard got all his pomade.

Thanks to Different Kitchen for the good look.

  • Stone

    Bad news: HBO/Universal have scrapped plans to release the movie in March. They haven't picked a date yet, but NOW they are saying Fall '06. WTF???

  • theillestone

    I seen the trailer and it is dope. I can't wait for this movie to drop. Outkast is one of my all-time favorite groups. They have always stayed true to the hip-hop ethic of remaining “fresh”.

    I've been looking for info. on this movie project of theirs for quite some time now. That was really cool..