I am fed up with Kanye

by Winston "Stone" Ford

kanye.jpgI'm sitting here looking at this Rolling Stone cover of Kanye West trying to decipher the meaning of it. I mean, dawg, unless you turned some water into wine at a VMA after party, you ain't Jesus Christ.
Kanye, are we supposed to worship you? Are we supposed to ditch our Gods and religious structures and bow down to your presence?

Hell no.

Yes, Kanye, you dropped a hot album and you are hot producer, but you're is nowhere near the upper echelon of top rappers in hip hop. In fact, your protégé's, Rhymefest and Lupe Fiasco can rhyme circles around you. Yes, you are great at what you do, but there are a hell of a lot more people in this world who are great at what they do and we don't see them complaining.

I consider myself a damn good computer programmer, but you don't see me getting a national holiday.

I'm not saying that you will not be the greatest rapper/producer in hip-hop one day. You might be the greatest rapper/producer out right now. But even if you win all 8 Grammys you're still not the greatest. Nora Jones did it and she sucks. But in the scope of things, saying that you're the greatest whatever in hip-hop after two albums is almost like giving every hip-hop innovator who came before you a straight slap in the face.

(Note: I don't have a problem with RS having Kanye as Jesus. In fact, I applaud the magazine for doing it. But in the context of the article, I feel the Jesus imagery is just messed up)

  • Miss Hipstah

    First off, if Kanye wanted to be edgy, he's a few years too late. There's a long line of other people who took the imagery of Jesus to the extremes (didn't Nas already do a remake of the Passion? or was that Diddy?). This isn't contraversial. It just makes him look like an even bigger egotistical jerk. To be honest, I figured it was because of the song “Jesus Walks”.

    Second, I think it's really hilarious that on the cover it has Kanye as Jesus and a headline that says “GOD'S SENATOR: Inside the War Room of the Religious Right.”

    THAT is what I call good juxtaposition.

  • theillestone

    I don't know why Kanye decided to do this or what his message is. I haven't seen the article. I do not read rolling stone magazine either.

    I have read a few articles on the cover and blurbs about what was said within the article and I have seen plenty of comments on various websites and what not. But everyone has taken basically the same perspective on this story. It ranges from either “this is another example of Kanye West's ego”, to, “how could he disrespect Jesus”. This is not a surprise… However I think got a couple of fresh lenses which to look at this situation.

    1) You have a Black man protraying himself in the image of a White Jesus on a major cultural magazine publication. That is funny to me and I love it. We shouldn't worship Idols(images) and in 2006 we definitly don't need to be worshiping a White Jesus. If Kanye can “disgrace” that image more power too him!

    2) Kanye and his “Ego” is always somewhere close to any discussion of this man. It has become cliche to me. I think we should look a little further. From a cultural perspective, a black cultural perspective I think Kanye in saying that he deserves this, and he desrves that, and he is the best, is saying in laymens term “Say it loud I'm Black and I'm Proud!”

    Now just think if he were to come out and say “I'm Black and I'm Proud!”, what do you think would be the fallout of that???

    How would the media twist that one? I'll bet we wouldn't be talking about his “ego” it be some other bullshit. He would just be an angry Black man who talks to much.

    There are so many young Black and Brown men who are whupped, emotionally and spirtually. They have no belief in themselves and anyone with any sense will tell you that if you don't have faith in yourself then you won't achieve anything in this world and as a BLACK man that goes double.

    So when Kanye gets up there and is talking that shit, don't think about his “ego” think about those little Black boys who get to see a proud Black Man, with his pants up, shirt tucked in, doin the damnn thang.

    He just shinnin, and we all know we want to shine (be the best we can be). For being Black and proud he is being “crucified” and “sacraficed” by the media.

    Chirst and Ali were symbols of sacrafice for a greater good. A lot of people with no voice in popular culture or media are happy to see Kanye up there and we should broaden our scope a lil bit to consider how they might precieve this cause I believe that's who Kanye is really targeting with his “antics”.