Concert Review: Capital City Takeover



Five is one of those clubs that always surprises me. When you think you have ???em pegged for a certain crowd or music type, they turn around and do something out of the ordinary. The Capital City Takeover Concert was definitely one of those times. Put on by Text Sosa???s ???SMF??? and the Target Squad (as in Target Squad Records), the show brought together some of DC???s ???hottest acts??? to perform together on one stage. Acts like Team Hardcore, 4 Corners, Hood Life Money, Mosburg Duck, and The Foundation went on stage in a showcase fashion.

The quality of show for the majority of the night was so-so. The attention span of the crowd was definitely waning, as the show didn???t start for a good hour and a half after it was supposed to. While a number of the groups had five or six people up on stage, there were only two or three who were doing anything at any given point. The rest were just standing on stage holding mics. However, there were two groups who were on top of their game: J.V.P and The Roll Wit Us All Stars.

J.V.P. (Joint Venture Productions) consists of Trace and D. Moss. Both from California, the two artists give a little bit of Bay area flavor to the DC hip hop scene. Their attitude on stage was laid back, but on point. They were joined on stage at Five by Nitty, a producer who has worked with various well known music acts including most recently Young Jeezy. Much to the crowd???s delight, Trace and D. Moss went on to perform two of their songs: ???Time to See??? and after some verbal promotion for Ciroc vodka, their single ???Bartender.???

This is the second time I???ve seen The Roll Wit Us All Stars in concert. They know how to put on a good show. Malik Starx and Mr. Cliff, featuring K-Ruckus and Cheryl G. performed their songs ???Roll Wit Us??? (produced by Starx), ???Just Bangin??? (featuring K-Ruckus) and their great new single ???Someday??? which was produced by Nitty and features Megan Livingston on the recorded version. J.V.P and The Roll Wit Us All Stars are definitely going places. Their in works right now to be on a soundtrack for a major motion picture, and their production just keeps getting better and better with each performance and track they put out. Definitely keep your eye out for them in the future.

All in all, the show was a refreshing change from what normally happens at Five. No bad trance music (though their house is always good) and definitely no yuppie suburbanites coming into DC for their once a month jaunt. With a few out of place exceptions, the crowd was definitely one filled with hardcore hip hop/rap lovers who are all definitely proud of their home city. I hope to see more showcases like this in the future.

Photo taken by Julie Ellis