Can't Knock the Hustle…


Vice Magazines latest edition of Dos & Don'ts

Lebron James speaks on how important it is to know the history of the NBA and basketball in general. This is good for all of hoops, because if “the chosen one” can wax hoops history with others, it might let the kids and fans who look up to him know that basketball history is “cool”.

Robin Thicke signed with Pharell/Star Trak to distribute/promote/bring heat to his new album. I'm sure everyone has caught his performance w/Lil Wayne on Jay Leno the other night, however if you haven't

So this dude is a celebrity because he parties alot? A male Paris Hilton? Is there a black version of him/her? (Nicole Ritchie does NOT count)

Freedom Plaza stand up!! The Forgotten City

What it dew baby its the iceman paul wall speaking on blackplanet, lil flip, and stealing grills.