Buy Bootleg This Movie: Revolver



Andre 3000 is on the move again. In addition to Four Brothers, the dude had a starring role in a UK film from Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock, Snatch) entitled Reovlver. It will at least hold ya'll over until Idlewild makes it to the theatres.

Ususally, I can barely watch a movie once. I just got a short attention span like that. But I've watched this movie Revolver for the third time now and still I am willing to watch it again so I can make sense of it. This film is messed up. I'm talking Donnie Darko/Fight Club/Clockwork Orange messed up. If you're looking for Snatch 2, you're out of luck.

I'm not saying that its a bad movie, I just can't figure out what the hell is going on?. I still can't decipher exactly who Andre's character (Avi) is. Is he real or imaginary? A friend or a villain? Who knows.

The film dropped in the UK last September, but since the movie was a commercial and critical failure, there is little hope for it making it over to the US any time soon. IMDB threw around a date of January 27th, but that date has passed with no word from the producer, director, or the distrbutor.

So until this flick makes it to your local theatre or DVD player, I give ya'll permission to bootleg this movie.