Bilal: Music Piracy is Wrong, M’Kay?


Someone leaked Bilal’s album, and he has a special message to his fans on his MySpace page:

Unfortunately the new album has leaked.

Having this material floating around puts it in jeopardy of being shelved before it’s scheduled release. Music is my livelihood so I'm fighting to preserve as much of this project as possible.

If you have a copy this album, please refrain from file transferring it to your friends. Instead direct them here where they can get a sample of the new stuff without having to give it away completely.

Your discretion it greatly appreciated. ; )

That’s great and all, but I’m tired of artists blaming the fans when their album leaks. Bilal, why don’t you blame the studio employees, journalists, A&R reps, interns, weed carriers etc? Unless the masters were stolen, there was somebody in your camp that had to rip that CD. The fans are just doing what comes naturally to them. They get a hot CD and then they spread it. I don’t see anything wrong in that. I do think the new tracks are hot (his best work so far, to date) and I want the dude to make money, but blaming the fans isn’t going to help matters.

FYI: I posted Bilal’s Radiohead cover on the site a few months ago, and I’m still grappling with the response to it. Dude probably made thousands of new fans from one MP3.