Yahoo! News Update: The Graduation Edition



So now that I have finally finished school and have yet to enter the “real world” I can take some time to post a little more than I have been. It's been an interesting month so far, and to think, it's not even the holidays yet.

Chappelle's getting sued. Apparently, he hired a former collegue to be his manager and then never paid him. Go figure.

Richard Pryor defends animals one week before his death.

Bob Dylan is going to play radio DJ for XM radio. XM has possibly one of the best ad campaigns ever. I mean, who else would bring Snoop Dogg and David Bowie together

The Jacksons are finally getting their own reality tv show. Move over Bobby and Whitney!

And finally, there is a new short film that has come out of France describing the recent riots. Created on “machinima” it uses characters and settings from various videos games to make up the story. I did some more research and found the video. It's entitled “The French Democracy” and aside for the weird music and the misspelled subtitles, it's pretty good.