Top 10 Disappointments in Urban Music for 2005



50 Cent and The Game Kiss and Make Up – Didn't we want to see these dudes have a gun battle in the streets? I would've paid $9.50 to see that instead of that crappy movie.

50 Cent in GQ Magazine – Dude, I don't consider myself to be a gangsta in any right. But that picture = not gangsta.

50 Cent's Comments on Hurricane Katrina – Congratulations, Mr. Cent. You're a three time award winner this year.

The Boondocks – Let's not front people. We don't really like The Boondocks, but we watch anyway.

The Black Eyed Peas – BEP makes somebody's Top Ten Disappointments list every year since they dropped Elephant. Still, the group continues to dig themselves into a hole with such disastrous singles such as “My Humps.” At least they're rich.

Cowboy TroyA black cowboy who raps. Does this really need an explanation?

Trapped in the Closet – I'm still in shock about this DVD. Seriously, its been months since he dropped 1-6 and I still can't type down what I'm feeling right now.

Kevin Federline – This is not only the worst idea in Urban music, but the worst idea in recorded music period.

Cam'ron Getting Shot in DC – Does Cam'ron even care that he got shot?

Dave Chappelle – The classic case of “Mo Money, Mo Problems” scenario. I don't list the departure of Chappelle from his Comedy Central show as a disappointment per se, but the fact that he had so much material to work with (cough…Hurricane Katrina…cough) this year that its a shame he wasn't around.

Bonus Material: Bobby Brown and Mike Tyson singing Monster Mash – Wow, this set Black people back about 20 years.