The “Blackface Jesus”

by Winston "Stone" Ford


I seriously don't want to waste my time blogging about this assclown. All I gotta say is that apparently the New York hipsters didn't learn their lesson from the “Kill Whitey” parties. These people must die. More from Jay Smooth and Hashim.

: Said assclown has a MySpace page.

  • Miss Hipstah

    I was actually going to post about this when I first saw a story about it on Gawker. But I wasn't sure what the deal was and I really never got a chance to follow up on it.

    While “Blackface Jesus” has been apparently popping up everywhere (including MySpace), a lot of the pictures of him came from a the Rated X party at Scenic in New York. It was apparently a soiree where everything bad was good.

    But personally, I find it rather disgusting that there are people who think shit like this is a good idea. There is so much historically connected to blackface that this guy either didn't know or does know and doesn;t care. Which is probably worse. Is he doing it as a protest to the war? or is he just doing it to be an ass?

    And I'm not even going to get into what really offends me about him, because I'll just get too mad.