Random Ish (The Remix Edition)



So if ya'll know me, then you know you that I've been beating myself up over some ish lately. You know when you have something perfect and then you lose it because of some dumb, incompetent ish? Yeah, that's what ya boy is goin' through right now.

Anyway….I don't wanna bore ya'll with my personal stuff. That's between me and my friends. I do wanna drop some tracks for the masses though:

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Death Cab for CutiePlans – I was hatin' on these guys for the longest, only because they were on The OC. I hate anything that is affiliated with that damn show. But I just got into these dudes about a week ago and been listening ever since.

So-So Def Bass All Stars“My Boo” – This is, quite possibly one of the hottest tracks to ever rock the South back in the day. Of course ya'll Yankees up North don't understand Atlanta Booty Bass but this song is a good introduction to the genre.

The RubRemix Overkill – I don't even want to count how many tracks are on this page. It's a bunch of remixes from The Rub as well as Dave Nada, Siik and Tittsworth. Some good, some bad. All free.

T-Pain“Dance Flo” – So I'm gonna get ragged on this one. First cause this track really ain't “gangsta,” and second cause its from T-Pain, who gets a “nigga please” from Fresh. (Can you fix your dreads, dude?)

Jay-Z“Change Clothes (Remix)” – Yes, another Jay-Z remix. But unlike some of the crap that people tried to drop as a Black Album remix, this one, from Atlanta producer Darryl Reeves, actually works. (Most likely cause its not imitating Danger Mouse.) It's got a jazzy bossa nova type feel to it. Pretty fly.

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