Jay-Z Signs Lady Sov

ladysovereign.jpgFirst, I thought this was a joke. Who in the hell would skip over some of the best UK talent to give a bubble gum pop chick to the task of introducing UK grime to America?

Apparently, Jay-Z:

Jay-Z, much like 50 Cent, is focused on expanding his Def Jam brand and roster. The next move on S. Carter's agenda is to stake a claim in the bubbling world of British hip-hop — and the first to draw Jay's attention is grime queen, Lady Sovereign.

Already buzzing in the U.K.'s underground hip-hop scene, Lady Sovereign is becoming what is known as grime's first female breakout star. For U.S. hip-hop heads who are not familiar with grime, its a subgenre of Britain's underground “garage” scene, and is typically recognized for its rapid-fire rhymes over stark, dance-influenced beats, according to DelawareOnline.

Grime has been around for several years, but has reached the mainstream due to artists such as Dizzee Rascal and the So Solid Crew.

UK hip-hop has failed to reach the US masses mainly because a lack of cultural understanding and radio promotion. Unfortunately, Lady Sov fails to bring the credibility that UKHH would need to have in order to break the US market. It's the classic example of being to pop for the 'hood and too underground for the masses. I would think that Jay-Z would know this.