Hot Steppa


YURI step show.jpg

Hollywood is about to do a movie about steppin'. Peep the casting call:

Hollywood is searching for the nation's hardest stepping Greek and Non-Greek organizations. The time is now for your organization to prove to the world that you have what it takes to step onto the big screen. You may have won the homecoming step show, but can you out stomp thousands of other talented steppers vying to become Tinseltown's next find? Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of movie history, display the essence of stepping to the world and represent your city or college campus. This movie is guaranteed to deliver an indescribable and exclusive look into the long and intense preparation that make up the tools to deliver a crowd-pleasing performance. The traditions and pride that come along with the impact a step team has on a community and/or college or university will be defined in this breathtaking movie. However, this can't be done successfully without your submissions.

Seeing is that Hollywood has already covered black college bands, (Drumline), breakdancing (Breakin'), and krumpin ' (Rize), I'm actually suprised that they took this long to pimp produce a movie about a step team.

As someone who used to step back in the day (don't ask me to show you any moves cause I forgot 'em) I got mixed feeling about this. All these movies basically look, act, and feel too damn similar. And you know they'll put an assclown like Nick Cannon as the lead.

Which reminds me. I haven't been to a step show in a hot minute. If you're putting on a step show in the DC area, let me know.