Ain't Nobody Dope As Me I'm Just SO Fresh So Clean…


Ever since my site began to get hits from it, Crunk and Disorderly has been a daily read for myself and others through out black interweb blog land. Fresh, the sites writer, kills it daily with hilarious photoshopped pictures, up to date rumors, and comments that always seem to push the envelope. SOUTHEAST GEORGIA STAND UP!!!

JB: Whats crackn Fresh, whats going on?

Crunk and D: Of course Fresh isn't my government but unless we talking dollars or have a relationship offline I prefer that moniker.

For those that don't already know, explain yourself and your site (background, history, location, etc.)?

CD: I reside in southeast Georgia. I started blogging earlier this year in May because I couldn't find any quality entertainment sites about Black pop culture. I didn't give a fuck then about TomKat and I don't give one now.

What is the biggest story of 2005?…both personally and professionally?

CD: There are so many big stories to choose from yo.
I think the one story I most interested in was the whole Roc-A-Fella drama. Every week a different wrench was thrown in the game.
I had a little fender bender this summer. No Kanye shit happened to be but it did fuck me up a little mentally, I'm not even going to lie. Every time I got behind the wheel I thought I was gonna lose control. I eventually got over it.

Why do u feel like some of the bigger and more popular blogs don't pay attention to african american issues, news, music, etc.?

CD: Its plain and simple, mainstream entertainment blogs do not care about black people. Outside of Beyonce, Star Jones, Oprah, 50 Cent,
and Ciara you rarely see any mention of other African Americans.
For whatever reason I think that some people have the idea that
an audience for Black pop culture doesn't exist. Not true
at all. If that was the case would I be here giving this interview?

What makes you want to read a site and what doesn't make you want to read a site (any site from cnn to whatever)?

CD: I enjoy blogs that make me laugh and think all at once. I think that a sucessful blog has to have a voice, a tone. If not I usually close the window within the first two minutes or so. (ed note: damn, guess i need to re-design)

Who had the best album (of any genre, u know that OTHER sh-t) and why?

CD: I didn't buy any CD's this year. I downloaded shit
that I liked and made my own mix. My taste in music is everywhere. I have plenty of CD's the begin with Carly Simon and end with Lupe Fiasco. And contrary to popular belief I don't listen to crunk music all day. (ed note:hahahahahha)

What do u think is the most pressing issue for the hip hop community? Also what do u think is the least pressing issue for the hip hop community that gets the most attention?

CD: I'm not sure what the most pressing issue with
hip hop is right now because I'm not in love with
H.I.M. as much as I used to be. Its like Bobby Brown said
about drugs, me and hip hop aren't friends.

Who wins the H.A.M. (y'all know) award for 2005?

CD: Its a four way tie between Star Jones, K-Ci from Jodeci, Tevin Campbell and Serena Williams. Do I need to pull out the pictures to prove my case?

What are you looking fwd to the most in 2006?

CD: I'm ready for the crash and burn of 50 Cent. I can feel it
about to happen.

What can we expect from you and your site/movement in 2006?

CD: More features, more interviews, and more crunkness.

Any last words/shout outs?

CD: I want to shout out the bank manager who fired me from my position as a teller. That gave me more time to dedicate to the C&D monster.
It also opened up my eyes to taking this blogging shit to another
level. I wish I would've stole that $80 now that I think about it.