Interview: 3 The Hard Way- CL Smooth (Concrete Loop)

In todays world of news, rumors, barbershop/hair salon talk, and BET being wack as hell, people have realized that in order to get the real talk of the streets @ work, the library, or home there needs to be outlets to find said information. One of the sites/people I count on to get my daily info about what went on last nite and who was involved is Concrete Loop. The following “interview” was intended to give you, the reader, a chance to get to know Angel La, who she is, and what the concrete loop movement is about.

whats crackn homegirl, whats going on?
CL: Nothing much, straight chillin!

For those that don’t already know, explain yourself and your site(background, history, location, etc.)?

CL: Well, My name is Angel, but I go by Angel La. I’m 21 and I reside in North Carolina. I’ve been around the web scene for a while; doing graphics and what not, but I wanted to do something new. Being that I am a BIG pop culture junkie, I decided to start up a blog about that subject. I just started up a month ago and it already has a pretty good following.

What is the biggest story of 2005?…both personally and professionally?

CL: Hurricane Katrina. I personally believe it opened up a lot of people’s eyes. Those who thought America was so perfect finally saw what we have been seeing since forever. That there are still ethnic and economic lines among us all.

Who had the best album (of any genre, u know that OTHER shit) and why?

CL: LITTLE BROTHER! The Minstrel Show stays in heavy rotation in my house & car. I can’t get enough of it, and people need to stop sleeping on them already. Ever since I heard about them back in ’02 I fell in love. Their sound is refreshing, and they bring something new to the table every time around. Them Carolina’s boys gon hurt em!

Being that you are important to the game, how do u see the world of blogs as it relates to african american news, celebrities, and music?

CL: It’s getting bigger for our demographic. A few years or even months ago, if I wanted to get the latest news in black entertainment, I HAD to check numerous forums. I couldn’t get my fix from one main site. Now that has changed, due to Fresh, Essy, & yours truly.

Why do u feel like some of the bigger and more popular blogs don’t pay attention to african american issues, news, music, etc.?

CL: It’s all about what people want to hear. I mean who goes to these sites? Mostly white folk, right? Well they don’t want to hear about what we want to hear about. They might post a couple pictures here and there, but nothing too often. Unless it’s about Kobe or some fool getting in trouble for messing with a white girl. Or Michael Jackson. LOL

What makes you want to read a site and what doesn’t make you want to read a site (any site from cnn to whatever)?

CL: I like nicely designed sites. If it pops, I will most likely stay and read. But even if your site isn’t designed that well, if you post something that sparks my interest, I will still read it.

what makes me not read a site is lack of organization. If I can’t click through it easily, I get annoyed quickly. LOL.

What do u think is the most pressing issue for the hip hop community?

CL: LACK OF CHANGE. Too many cookie cutter rappers are out right now. We need a new breed of real lyricists to get some shine already.

Also what do u think is the least pressing issue for the hip hop community that gets the most attention?

CL: Rapping about cars, hoes, and bling. All these little kids who watch these rap videos want that life. They want what all these rappers have (money, cars, and hoes). Artists who have more substance in their music need to get more exposure than 50 Cent and all these other media whores.

Who wins the H.A.M. (y’all know) award for 2005?

CL: SERENA WILLIAMS!! Girl needs a stylist fast.

What are you looking fwd to the most in 2006?

CL: Living life, and learning more. I’m still in college so I’m trying to expand my horizons in the upcoming year. Anything is possible.

What can we expect from you and your site/movement in 2006?

CL: I plan on expanding to a lot of projects. Including but not limited to forums, a music section and etc. I don’t really know where I want to go with CL. Time will tell though.

Any last words/shout outs?

CL: Much love & Respect to Jerome Baker, I always loved your site man. Gotta give Ms. Es.Shaw some love too. And I HAVE to shout out my play cousin Fresh. If it weren’t for her constant support (linking me & etc), most people wouldn’t even know about concrete loop. Thanx Fresh!