There's a new Frosty the Snowman in town this year.



One of the hottest trends in fashion right now is a t-shirt with a snowman on it. A mean lookin' snowman. Made popular by rapper Young Jeezy, these tees are representing certain kinds of snowmen. The ones who provide you with snow, of course.

Anti-drug campaigners and education officials are alarmed, saying the T-shirt and others like it are part of sophisticated marketing campaigns using coded symbols for drug culture that parents and teachers are not likely to understand. Some schools are banning kids from wearing the snowman images.

“The snowman is made of white, grainy stuff like sugar,” said 12-year-old seventh-grader Mailik Mason, standing next to his mother in a Manhattan store selling the snowman shirts. “It has to do with a certain drug, crack or coke.”

The shirt was originally made for Jeezy by Miskeen Originals, owned by Yaniv Zaken (pointing to jewelry).

According to, Zaken didn't know what the snowman symbolized. He'd made a handful for the rapper and later, some of his people sold a bunch to retailers, even though they did not have Jeezy's permission to do so. The shirts have become an overnight bootleg success.

But still, some schools have already banned the shirt and many parents are saying no when their kid asks for one. This article even quotes a Cornell professor saying “”The research tells us that influences coming from the media can have a profound effect on kids and influence them to use drugs…All of these things help to convey the impression that engaging in these behaviors using drugs is normal and that drugs might help you be successful or sexy or something.”

He also adds that parents need to “educate themselves about the media their kids are consuming and pressure schools to monitor what messages they allow students to advertise”

Does anyone remember when a snowman was just something you made with your friends when y'all had a snow day off from school? And does anyone remember how programs like D.A.R.E didn't actually work?

Those were the days, I tell ya. Those were the days.