Speaking of dancing…


So I was watching trailers of movies coming out in the next year or so when I came across Take The Lead. This is a movie starring Antonio Banderas as a acclaimed ballroom dancer who ends up teaching kids from an inner city high school how to tango, cha cha, etc. The students (who consist of such actors as Rob Brown, Dante Basco, and Yaya DaCosta) in return teach him how to get down with his bad self (which used to be badder in his El Mariachi days). Based on the trailer the movie is like a cross between Dangerous Minds, Save the Last Dance and Mad Hot Ballroom. And of course, it's inspired by a true story.

I'm sorry, but this shit has GOT TO STOP! Hollywood just keeps beating a dead horse. First off, why does it seem like every dramatic movie to come out this year was “based on a true story” or “inspired by real events”? And also, how many more movies are they going to make that consist of inner city high schoolers who can dance?