Random Ish: The “THAT IS DARKSIDED!!!” Edition


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Oh, and there is a slight delay on the Podcasts. Dude’s gotta work and feed his kids, ya know? Seriously, though, we’ll start rescheduling Podcasts in January.

Black Gossip is the new hotness: I’m sure ya’ll are reading Beautiful Hustle, Crunk and Disorderly, and Concrete Loop by now.

Oh, and I just got a copy of Jazzanova/Blue Note Trip and it never left my CD player during my whole trip to and from Philly this past weekend. Most of ya’ll know that I respect Jazzanova from my days in London, so my love of this album is a given.

The Fader: I used to know someone who worked at The Fader, so I got the hookup with free magazines, CD’s etc. Now, it’s too damn expensive for a subscription, so I just bum Miss Hipstah’s copies when I can.

Pretty City. Check it.

Captian Bee. This dude gets mad booty.

Laura Burhenn: This girl is like a combination of Beth Gibbons and Coldplay. And she’s from DC. Been diggin’ her for the longest time, yet I still haven’t seen her perform in person. Her album is one of the best I’ve heard in a while.

Shambhala: I see Born Infinite on the bus almost every day for the past year and a half and I didn’t know he was making some of the hottest hip-hop out of DC. Who knew?

Bugz In Da Attic: I like their new track. I was not so much a fan of “Booty La La,” so I’m glad that they’re going back to their roots. Can’t wait until the album drops.

Leela James: I’m just not into her version of “Don’t Speak.” The original is just too damn good, and Leela does nothing to make the song her own (unlike, Bilal). Honey has the video.

Idiots Messing Up My Metro Commute: At least once a month some dude gets struck by a Metro train. Can’t ya’ll just jump off a building or something?

I’m out. This is gonna be an interesting weekend. Lata.