On A Sunday Afternoon….

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Humanity Critic

A liberal quiz? Whats raelly goin on now people, things are getting way out of control now with education, politics, etc. I'm hella glad that if I choose to go to school I have to pay and I won't be going to school anytime soon, because I'm still payin for undergrad. Damn loans.

Busta cut the dreads? Thats cool and all, but dude just drop the album (and on a sidenote has dude been on the roids? no homo).

Aspiring photographers, please step your game up and first read about him then cop anything thats been published by Ricky Powell. Talk about making a career out of being in the right place @ the right time.

NBA Weekend Dime

Are Interracial Couples In It for the Money?

  • Miss Hipstah

    I met Ricky Powell when I was still in NYC a few years back. It was at a lecture by another great photographer, Jamel Shabazz. He was drunk and he called me “toots.”

    Busta cuttin his hair was crazy. That made my Thanksgiving entertaining. And here's the link to what I already posted on Busta. The video link's on there too: