New Music: Kenna


Kenna“Hell Bent”
from New Sacred Cow

I’ve been diggin’ Kenna ever since his sister played me his demo tape back in 2000. He played that same demo over the phone to Fred Durst (yeah, that dude) and was signed to Flawless records on the spot. However, since this dude was basically a black guy doing Radiohead (back before black guys doing Radiohead was cool), he was treated like complete shit by “the industry,” and was dropped from his contract thanks to record company incompetence. The album, New Sacred Cow, never got the promotion it deserved.

Kenna, (who was good friends with Chad Hugo and Pharell back in VaBeach) is now working on a new album with the tentative title of Face (Make Sure You Can See My Face) with his own money and no label promotion. I wonder if that title is a reaction to the Capitol Records decision not to have him appear in his video for “Freetime?”

He recently released his new single “Face the Gun” on his MySpace page. It isn’t as dark as his earlier works it pretty damn catchy, but not overly pop. Hopefully this dude will get a second chance in ’06.