In The Mix: Driving Miss Daisy for the MTV Generation?


in_the_mix.jpgText message I got the other night: “Oh stop the bullshit. Usher has a movie coming out.”

And he does!

Directed by Ron Underwood, the man who brought suchs classics as Adventures of Pluto Nash and Mighty Joe Young, the movie is titled In The Mix. In it, Usher plays an up and coming DJ who…surprise surprise…all the ladies want to “get with.” One night, he is DJing a birthday party for the daughter (Emmanuelle Chriqui) of a mob boss (played by the ever cool Chazz Palminteri). There is a driveby mob shooting and Usher takes a bullet for the “Mob Princess.” As reward for his bravery, he then gets to be her body guard. Hilarity, romance and deleted scenes from the Sopranos ensues.

Basically, the whole movie is about how Usher is really sexy. Which is why this movie may make a lot of money. It may also be the end of Usher's career. Still, there is something about it (as the title of this post suggests) that is reminiscent of the 1989 Oscar winning film Driving Miss Daisy. Compare the two:

DMD: An old Jewish woman (Jessica Tandy) and the man hired to drive her (Morgan Freeman, the M.N himself), form a friendship over 20 years.

ITM: A young Italian American Princess and the DJ who is hired to drive her form a friendship over a couple of weeks.

The plot lines are strikingly similar!

At any rate, the movie drops November 23rd, just in time for Thanksgiving. Which is good…cause Usher is a total turkey.