Cars: The 2007 Escalade



I'm not much of an SUV dude, but I got a chance to drive the current generation Esca at a GM event this past May and was impressed. I still think that this thing is a ripoff compared to the cheaper GMC Yukon and Chevy Suburban of which this SUV is based (its the GMT800 platform for you car nerds), but I guess we all gotta to floss ya wealth sometime.

Hip-hop, for better or worse, made the Cadillac Escalade. It's almost a requirement that a (c)Rap video features this damn SUV, and lets not even want to count how many times it has been mentioned in song. The SUV became one of GM's best selling vehicles with little or no commercial advertising thanks to your friends Luda, Baby, and MTV Cribs. GM knows this, so they make sure not to mess things up when went back and redesigned its most profitable vehicle for 2007.

The exterior is basically a smoothed out version on the current second edition Escalade. For 2007, GM is giving ya'll the option of factory installed 22' rims, however, the sharp “in yo face bitch” edges are gone. It's takes away from the overall “hood rich” effect of the car, in my opinion. It???s almost like putting business clothes on an NBA player. Something's just not right, ya know?

Inside, the Caddy sports what is most likely the most impressive GM interior ever. Gone are the truck-like dash and sub par wood accents. The new interior is more sedan like with a true center console. Of course, GM offers the option of touch-screen navigation, OnStar, and XM satellite radio as well as a DVD player for ya spoiled little bratty kids back seat passengers.

Base price for the '07 Escalade should start at around $55,000 and should drop in early 2006. More pictures after the jump.