capt.nyet13911082105.tv_desperate_housewives_nyet139.jpgYou get a job on the hottest show on TV (Desperate Housewives) and you gotta go around and show your manhood to some lowly production assistants.

The first incident allegedly happened when a young female assistant was sent to summon him for a scene. A set insider said: “He opened his door and was standing there with his private parts hanging out of his shorts. Kennedy then allegedly made a sexually charged remark. A few days later, on October 28, Kennedy allegedly flashed to a female assistant director. “She cursed at Page and reported it to the main producers,” said the source. “After word got out, the first girl admitted the same thing had happened to her. After an investigation Page was fired.”

Okay, this is just rumor and speculation, so I gotta give the brother the benifit of the doubt.

Sike. Dude, you're on the hottest damn show in America and you gotta resort to this? Dude, you obviously have some social problems that you have to confront. Good lawd. Props to Concrete Loop.