You Might See Me In VA @ Hampton Homecoming D.C….


Today, Friday October 21, 2005 is a historic day. There are no less than 7 HBCUs (black colleges) celebrating Homecoming this weekend from Atlana to Pennsylvania. Schools such as Hampton, Howard, Delaware State, Lincoln University, Morehouse, Spelman and others are prepared to welcome back students whom they put in debt for the next 20 years.

Homecoming at HBCUs seems to be different than that of other schools. For one, the game really isn't that important. Its more about who has what on, who is with whom and how everyone has changed since graduation. Another great aspect of homecoming is the networking opportunities. You can push any product from unknown rapper G to Jeezy and Juelz. Every product from Vitamin water to cigarettes will be shoved in your face and claim to be the next great thing.

As it is in any situation be smart and be safe. Fellas don't fawn over that girl you couldn't get in school who is on you now, and ladies don't spend next months rent on a dress and purse for the alumni boat ride. Get it in this weekend people, I am.