Update: Cam'ron's Carjacking…Publicity Stunt or Beef Hit??


Your boy Cam may have more to worry about than just his Blue Lamb:

Police in the nation's capital say they're not convinced Cam'ron was the victim of a carjacking attempt.

The 29-year-old rapper, whose real name is Cameron Giles, was shot in both arms after leaving a party at a local night spot early Sunday morning. He said he was shot when someone tried to take his 2006 Lamborghini.

But The Washington Post quotes authorities as saying they're looking into several other potential motives. Among the theories: Cam'ron was shot at in an attempt on his life, he may have been attacked because of some personal beef, or he was shot at in a road-rage incident.

Cam's new album Killa Season is coming out in February. Wonder if there will be anymore publicity stunts. Stay tuned kiddies…