This Week In Beef: Dissin' Dash, Nas/Jay-Z, Old Skool Beef


beef.jpgI know ya'll are gonna flame me for this, but I'm just getting around to watching the Ultimate Hustler on BET. Nastack had this interview up with Seven yesterday but I didn???t know who the hell she was until I watched the Tivo'd episodes of the show last night. This chick (who has made some traction in the adult entertainment industry???Giggidy!), was let go from the show because she went off on Mr. Dash in a verbal tirade in the back of the Jeep Commander© on the way to some event (I really wasn't paying attention). She has some words to say about Dash and his “enterprise”:

Dame has officially integrated into Corporate Society. He is no longer the colored boy in private school glimpsing into the rich kids life. He is living it walking in the foot steps of real Harlem Hustlers. I would really like to thank dame for keeping the corporate machine turning with overseers like Mike Liberty giving him ingenious ideas like the Roc Box. Given us a chance to flood Harlem with your Liquor, what???s the ghetto with out it, and opening the door for us to sing and dance out the hood and play street ball to our neighborhood fans???and most of all for the I would like to thank Dame for being the Ultimate Hustler “A Corporate Hustler”, walking in the foot steps of Enron and Halliburton for inflating their stocks and benefiting off the needs of the consumer.

She also adds that the RocBox is a POS:

Dame is a cattle herder and thinks because he puts his brand on something people are going to buy it, well I am an educated consumer and I not falling for the hype. When I first came to the house they gave us Roc-a-wear clothes that was the samples garments with slashes on it, and they expected us to wear it. Not Cool. Strike 1! When he introduced the roc box at the office just from the specs alone I thought it was out dated but when we got back to the house and they gave it to us to use, mine didn???t work and 3 other peoples had problems than someone dropped theirs and it split down the middle and the mother board came flying out. So out of 14 Roc Boxes 4 malfunctions with hardware and software problems time to trash this and start over. Strike 2! The most important part of any Hustle I staying in contact with your connects. So they gave us Roc Digital Cell phones???.needles to say Garbage. Poor phone quality, text messaging nearly impossible, and worst of all no data transference like infrared or Bluetooth not even a sloth for a data cable, and it 2005 you going to introduce a phone to the market with no internet capabilities. No wonder Dame is carrying a Blackberry

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If you're landing on this blog today, you've most likely already read about the Jay-Z concert yesterday in Jersey where Nas came out and performed “Dead Presidents,” and I guess reconciled any perceived “beef” that had arisen between them. Rumor was thatJay-Z and Nas are aligning together to rally against the evils of poverty, injustice, and oppression 50 Cent. That's what the blog world thinks. Whoops, I mean, Jay-Z is not beefing with anyone and he's simply playing a game of Chess with Mr. Cent. Who knows.
So now the question is, what's 50 Cent gonna do? Kiss Jay-Z on the cheek?

And for you “grown and sexy” folks out there, ya'll have your beef too. Apparently, Charlie Wilson and Franky Beverly are gettin' into it:

Charlie Wilson was scheduled to open for R&B's Frankie Beverly and Maze, but according to Wilson's manager, when Beverly found out Wilson was taking the stage before him, he called the promoter of the show and threatened not to perform unless Wilson was taken off the bill or “replaced with a less intimidating performer.”

Wilson was slated to open for Beverly on November 25 and 26 in at Washington, D.C.'s Constitution Hall. He will not be performing either night.

According to my dad, Charlie Wilson is better than Frankie Beverly. Who knew?

Sorry if I don't sound too impressed with this whole “beef” thing. But seriously, this ish is getting old. If I want beef, I’ll go to Five Guys.