Sunday Reading


Is Jeezy going to have to watch his back? Those BMF dudes were/real gangsters. Nothin Hollywood about those guys.

Would YOU stay in New Orleans @ your job during the Hurricane? Well 51 people didn't and got fired for it. Man this is to easy, do I smell lawsuit? Not a good look for the N.O.

I konw I'd be salty if I went to a school to get a degree in a specific major only to have the program terminated before I got my degree. Hell to the naw people. See black colleges get y'alls things together. Step your fundraising game up, sell t shirts, chicken, jeezy mixtapes, anything to get that paper.

Check out Inquiring Mind cuz its a fresh to death site, but also check the (so far) 3 part series trailing the life of Lupe Fiasco.

My favorite site on the internet: The Salvador Gabor Project

10 Hip Hop Interviews via [The Low End Theory]

Can the North Carolina basketball team do it again? Seems like its going to be way tough.

Nas interview..from 1994.