So I guess this means Cam'ron won't be filming any more videos in DC?

by Rome


Cam’ron got shot:

New York rapper Cam’ron was shot and wounded during a botched carjacking near a waterfront night spot, his manager said Sunday.

The artist, who was recovering at Howard University Hospital, had stopped at a traffic light shortly after midnight when a man attempted to steal his Lamborghini, said his manager, Big Joe.

Yeah and the gun man fired a single shot that passed through BOTH Cam’s arms. That’s really gotta hurt.

All I gotta say…Way to go DC!

  • Mizpowderpink

    lol..that's mean…checking you out by way of Crunk and Disorderly

  • Miss Hipstah

    What's mean? Me saying “Way to go DC” or Cam'ron gettin shot in both arms?

    All I'm sayin is that this is definitely not the publicity DC needs right now. Or ever.

  • Stone

    Was he driving a pink Lamborghini? Cause I would've shot him for that.

  • jerome

    i think it was a blue lambo

  • Stone

    I only brought up the “pink” thing cause the dude used to drive this:

  • Miss Hipstah

    Didn't Cam's pink SUV get sold on eBay?

    And also, if they did steal Cam's lamb, what the hell did they think they could do with it? Every single one of car parts probably has its own bar code and serial number. And don't tell me that homeboy did not know he was rippin off Cam'ron.

    The whole thing is quite ricockulous if you ask me.

  • Stone

    Yeah, there's not much you can do with a blue Lamborghini on the streets of DC.

    I'm still trying to figure out if this was a planned hit or just some random DC haters trying to stiff someone out of their nice ride.

    DC has a lot of haters, so I wouldn't doubt it.

    Anyway, I applaud Cam for standing up and protecting his property like a man instead of giving up.

    Yeah, I said it!

  • izzy

    dipset all day. fuck you bitches …holla back cam..ONE …