Site Updates/Notes (The Support our Peeps Edition)


Here's what's up…

  • First off, big ups to everyone for their support of this site. The response to the Couch Sessions has been enormous. Thanks to all of ya'll from around the world who visit the site on the daily. Like I said before, this site is only Phase One of our plan to take over the world the Couch Sessions project. I’ll let you know what's up when the time is right.
  • We're delighted to have Autumn Caviness of KANM's Au80 Radio blogging for us. She'll be previewing upcoming shows as well as post tracklistings for the previous weeks show. Check out her latest show here (MP3).
  • We're looking for a few more bloggers cause my job is about to get hectic. All you gotta do is send a writing sample to articleonline [at] gmail [dot] com. Why a writing sample? Because we don't wanna get burned again by adding bloggers who can't write. We had to do a “You're Fired” on some dude a few months ago and we ain't going through that again.
  • Congrats go out to to Lesa and Cal for winning the Motown Remixed contest. Also, I forgot to mention that Andre and Nichole for winning our Verve Remixed Contest that we had a few months ago.
  • Also, check out some of our partners in crime when you have a chance. Crayon People is an excellent resource for people of color, and also check out as well.
  • Speakin' of buying…please check out the music from our friends in the industry: Eternia, Sy Smith, Head Roc, Eurok, Noyeek, Tittsworth, Count Bass D, and El Pus. Do your part to support independent music.