Neo-Old School Soul: Sharon Jones/Nichole Willis



Ya'll already know that I'm diggin' Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings after I saw their performance in Silverlake in LA. Now, other blogs are catching on, and frankly, its about time. (Oh, and apparently Kanye diggs The Dap Kings so much that he sampled them without their permission. Oops.)

One would think that this band played all covers of older tunes. However, a majority of what the band plays is all original and you would never know it. The group just sounds so authentic when they get up on stage that you think that they just jumped out of the Back to the Future DeLorean that's parked around the corner. In fact, these MP3 samples don't even do the group justice. You must see Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings in concert to fully appreciate them.

MP3 Samples:

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My father keeps telling me that the best jazz and soul comes out of Finland, and he might be right.

The Finnish artist Nicole Willis is another Neo-Old School Soul (should I copyright that phrase?) singer to watch. Her collaboration with The Soul Investigators have spawned two interesting upbeat 60s-sounding love songs. Think Diana Ross and the Supremes mixed with a touch of Tami Terrell and Tina Turner and you have the general idea.

This ish is so authentic, that you can't even get it on CD. Only 45s.

MP3 Samples

As of this posting, its been a half hour and I can't really find anything about this chick in English, and her website doesn???t say much about her upcoming album, Keep Reachin Up. Anyone that has some more info please feel free to email me.