If Mary Kate and Ashley were Hitler Fans…

by Lady Glock


So the other night, I was trying to do some work on a paper, when, about 5 seconds apart, two people IM me and tell me to turn on ABC. Now a) I was in a cafe where there was no TV and b) even if I was at home, my TV does not work. So I asked what was so special on ABC.

Apparently, on ABC Primetime, there was a story about two thirteen year old sisters named Lamb and Lynx Gaede. These two blonde, blue eyed girls make up the rising pop group “Prussian Blue”. They are also the new faces of the Neo-Nazi/White Power movement.

Now, you might wonder…where would two sweet precious things like these ever get such crazy ideas? Well folks this is where the homeschooling system fails. Their mom teaches them “history” with a unique twist and dad keeps stuff like swastikas laying around the house. And I'm assuming that their parents don't let them out much (too many non-white folks running round Bakersfield, CA) and they probably can't watch tv (cause lord knows those Jews own the media), so it's no wonder that their pop music would be like this. I mean the cows on thier farm even have Swastikas branded on their backsides. To quote the ever popular Mel Brooks movie Blazing Saddles: “You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know…Morons.”

Morons or not, Prussian Blue (which is an homage to their German roots), has some big fans. David Duke, former presidential candidate, Ku Klux Klan grand wizard and the ultimate hater of all things not white, has been using the girls to gain a younger following in the white supremacist movement. And with their cute as a button faces and catchy song titles like “I Will Bleed For You” and “Aryan Man Awake”, it makes me wonder if it will actually work. The White Supremacist movement has actually been on a decline as of late, so it's thanks to networks like ABC that these people still get the attention they so desire. But from what I've read from the online article version of the show, it seems that ABC also has a very tongue-in-cheek approach to this subject. I could be wrong though…

And while it does concern me that there are musical groups like this one out there preaching hate, there is one thing I can say for sure. The second these girls hit 18 and are out from under their parents control, they are gonna be out there getting as many black and/or Jewish guys as they can. You know it's true.

  • Jack Webb

    Most people were white in the place I grew up in. I liked it. Looking back today I can readily see how fortunate I was.

    Having said that I think it is the responsibility of every American in this day and age to succumb to the surroundings they are randomly born into. In other words if you are white and are born into a black neighborhood you must relate to black people and just grow normal.

    The part I don't like about the way these girls are being raised is the Hitler aspect. The girl's father is neither old enough nor intelligent enough to know much about Hitler other than what he has heard which are mostly exaggerations.
    This “boy” that wears a swastika on his belt buckle and the side of his truck needs to get straightened out. He needs to decide, right now, if he is going to be an American or something else. He is ruining those girls. The civil authorities should remove them from child endangerment.

  • Negrodaumus

    I predict that their next album will be produced by Puff Daddy

    And it will be called: “The Whisper Song Part 3″

    And….there will be a sex tape with R Kelly, Lil John, and The Ying Yang Twins

    That is all….

  • Trevor McDoniel

    Hello you fucking arrogant prics. Why you choose to rag on these girls is beyond me, I know you are not greatful for freedom of speech, but if a rapper can sing about killing off the whites and it is not considered racist then why cant we sing about killing off the blacks without everyone throughing a God Damn fit about it…? Huh? You know what fuck off you fucking race traiting bastards…

  • Miss Hipstah

    A) We are grateful for Freedom of Speech…if it weren't for Freedom of Speech, we would not be able to have this site and not be able to make fun of people who are using Freedom of Speech to spread hate.

    B) Rappers generally do not sing about killing white people. If they sing about killing people, they are generally referring to other black people. The rappers who do refer to killing white people are more often than not white themselves.

    C) What does “throughing a God damn fit” mean?

    And finally D) It's hard for us to be race traitors. Considering that the two head writers are black and jewish, it seems actually fitting that we would make fun of the white power movement and its supporters. Cause you know. Y'all hate us.