Fantasia Lies: Is High Point “Ghetto”?



The internets are buzzing about the new anti-Fantasia site called It's a site created by some NASCAR lovin' losers who are pissed….just pissed that Fantasia had the nerve to call their fair city High Point Dead and blame the city's shitty educational system and city services for her ills. Apparently, it's okay for Fantasia to be illiterate and a baby mama, but how dare she diss High Point, North Carolina!

Isn't there a tobacco farm ya'll got to tend to?

Anyway, I figure that I would chime in on this mess cause I used to live 45 minutes away from High Point Dead, North Cakalaka 3 years ago and find this site completely hilarious. Take this for instance:

In a totally unscientific study performed this weekend at the Oak Hollow Mall, Home Depot, Yamax, Chic Fil A, 2 Cookouts, 42 cruisers, we (Jennifer & I) asked 300 randomn people, “before American Idol 3, had you heard of Fantasia Barrino” a whopping 2 people had. from this, i can't understand where she was the “bad girl to everyone in town”

Damn, this site is bringing back memories. First off, Oak Hollow Mall sucks. Everyone knows that. That's why people from High Point Dead drive to Greensboro to go to Four Seasons. And Home Depot? Dude, you're trying to say that your city is cool because it has a Home Depot?? You GOTS to be kiddin' me.

These dudes then go on and talking about how High Point is so damn cool because people come from all over the world to buy furniture there. Um, kids, that doesn???t define cool.

Lets just put it this way. If you're friend invites you to go with him to High Point on a Saturday and he has a truck, it's not to hang out. It's to move furniture. I got burned by that shit twice while I was living down there.

I will give them points on the Cook Out though. I'm actually gonna be back in NC this weekend for a wedding and I'm hittin' up Cook Out every single day that I'm down there. And its good that High Point Dead is blessed with 2 Cookouts. When I lived in B-town, we only had one. Touche.

So they lose on their High Point is cool argument, but any person who lived within a 60 mile radius of that place could've told you that. But let's move on to the “Fantasia Lies” argument. Does Fantasia lie about her upbringing and her childhood?

To prove their point, the site's creators took a picture of Fantasia's childhood home to show that its (gasp!) not in the ghetto! They even went back through property reports to show that Fantasia did actually grow up with air conditioning for a majority of her life. Through their hard work and devotion, the site's creators show us that, yes, there are not many recreational opportunities for the youth of High Point. Good job.

So what's the verdict? Is Fantasia an avid liar? Or is the High Point Furniture Industry Mafia out to get her?

Personally, I think that this site is a viral marketing campaign for the High Point Chamber of Commerce, since the bottom footer adds that this site “proudly based in High Point North Carolina! Furniture City USA!” No real person would put that on the bottom of their web page.

And who cares about Fantasia anyway? I got a Dwele album I gotta listen to.