Come On Homie We Major…AYE!!!


So with the fall season in full swing and winter looming, now is the time to step your downloading music game up. Let me give you a quick run down of whats sittin on my turntables as of now (The Couch Sessions X-Mas party? Stone and other wtiters, get @ me!!!).

***warning, i'm not really an r&b dude so if this is hip hop heavy, forgive me***

The new Bun B is a good look and this interview with Bun is an even better look. I was skeptical because Bun B without Pimp C production ISN'T a good look, but this is a solid entry into the solo game from Bun. No real favorite tracks, just a solid effort overall.

Honestly anything by Mr Red Bandana is killing right now. Mic Check, The Whistle Song, and “Shottas” having Juelz in position to make noise with his second LP. Cop any mixtape dude has (Back Like Cooked Crack 3 was here yesterday) but hes got jawns all over your favorite message board and mixtape site.

Clipse Got It 4 Cheap, Vol 2!! Lots of drugs, kiling, and fashion labels that rappers never heard of til they left their block. Cop this alone for Pharrells “Freestyle” over the Elevators beat.

All Hits at the House of Blues by Raphael Saadiq…YES!!!

Being that I always am on the hunt for aolid mid 90s vinyl my latest pick up and one of my most treasured finds from this past weekend:

The B.U.M.S. Lyfe N Time…f-ck the price just cop for good mid 90s west coast hip hop in the vein of the pharcyde.

Be on the lookout for my soul, rock, and “other sh-t” posts inspired by by new cable modem.