Weekend Update: Katrina Clap Edition


soco.jpgLOTS of ways for well-meaning rich people to donate to hurricane victims this weekend, but only two worth noting–seriously.

Although the people at DCist don't really like me anymore, I'm still going to try and make it to their Katrina benefit party at American University tonight, mainly because I've fallen in love with Laura Burhenn's music and I've been itching to see her live for a hot minute now. I've also been wanting to see Restoring Poetry in Music for the longest time as well so it will be like killing two birds with one stone (no pun), to say the least.

On Saturday, Dave Nada (one of the East Coasts most prolific DJ's) will be spinning at Wonderland Ballroom for the Oh Snap! Southern Comfort hurricane relief party.

And this isn't hurricane related, but the Adams Morgan Day festival is this Saturday and Sunday.

With all of this, the highlight of my weekend will be when I see my friend dressed up in a big blue cat suit for a private kid???s party this weekend. Yes, I will be taking pictures!