The Fugees “Take It Easy”


artist.fugees.jpgAs we reported before, the Fugees have reunited (sort of?) and were releasing their new single. Well, someone was so nice to release their new track, “Take It Easy,” onto the internets.

Honestly, this track sucks. They made two CLASSIC ALBUMS and this is the best that can come up with? The beat is Just Blaze circa 1998 and the style and it just doesen't fit with the what the Fugeess at all. I'm sorry, this sounds like a beat that Joe Budden would rap over. And don't Wyclef Lauren and Co.'s rhymes seem a little “phoned in” to ya'll?

Let's hope that Wyclef didn't produce this track. We all know that he can come up with better stuff than this. Maybe he's too busy getting choked by Dave Chappelle? Who knows.

Oh, and if ya'll don't agree with me, then check out the comments from Soul Sides.