Review: Cesar Comanche – Squrrel And the Aces

comanche.jpgMedia: DJ Flash mixtape of “Squirrel & The Aces” (MP3)

Tucked between all of the drama and hoopla of Little Brother's highly anticipated album is another North Carolina MC (and Justus League partner) who goes by the name of Cesar Comanche.

Comanche may not yet be a household name, but after Squirrel and the Aces, the MC hopes to have the same critical and commercial success that his fellow Justus League partners have experienced over the past 3 years.

Squirrel and The Aces contains enough 9th Wonder beats and Little Brother guests spots to keep the underground hip-hop fans happy. However, if you're not a 9th Wonder fan (and ya'll know who you are), then this may not be the album for you. Straight up.

Those of you who fawn over 9th, Nicolay, or any Foreign Exchangeish sounding beat will find this album to be a deserving compliment to that new Minstrel Show album that are sitting in your CD changer right now. Songs like “Get Ready,” “Up & Down,” and “Precious Time,” have that airy, mellow, feel that only 9th Wonder can bring to the boards.

Even so, it's not only 9th who adds the beats to this album. Another North Carolina producer, Krysis, adds his flair to “The Grind,” “Big Game Hunters,” and “All Praises Due,” while Nicolay, makes his presence known on “Wrong One.”

Even with all of the firepower behind the boards, this isn???t an album to profile some producer's beats. Comanche is probably one of the more prolific rappers in the Justus League, and his wit and lyricism are pretty much unmatched by any Southern rapper. Comanche's sleeper status may not distance him from the crowd, but his lyrical flow directly compliments the underground beats, especially on tracks like “All Praises Due,” and “Get Ready.”

It???s also noted that Squirrel and the Aces has support from some of the most prolific up and coming MC's in the game. I ususally can't stand it when rap albums have guests spots, mainly because they outshine the headlining MC or they're a bunch of weed carriers who have no business being on a rap record. Yet, the guest rappers on this album (including Eternia, the best female MC today, hands down) complement Comanche rather than overshadow him.

All in all, Squirrel and the Aces is a nice departure from mainstream rap, and it doesn???t stray too far from the 9th Wonder/Little Brother formula. Like I said before, if you???re already down with Justus League, then this CD should already be in your collection. If not, then you might be missing out on one of the hottest MC???s of the year.