New Music: Count Bass D


bio_img.jpgMost people would recognize the Dirty South is known for Crunk (YEAAAAAAH!) and Miami bass, but a small but growing independent hip hop scene is emerging among the candy paint and booty shake.

Sure, we've heard about 9th Wonder and the success of the Justus League, but Count Bass D (nee Dwight Farrell) who has been rockin' the South (Nashville) independently for over 10 years. In 1995, D dropped the instant classic, Pre-Life Crisis on Sony Records. D claimed that Pre-Life was the ” the only live rap album to date using all live instrumentation,” though I still can't figure out what that means.

Although many people couldn't be able to recognize Count at the local grocery store, he's worked with such artists as the Beastie Boys, Vitamin C, Matt Mahaffey (Self), MF DOOM, J-Live, Victor Wooten (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones) and Van Hunt.

Count played every instrument on the album himself. Of course, like most great hip-hop CD's of that era, Pre-Life Crisis, was never promoted well, resulting from Count was dropped from Sony.

Count's newest album, BEGBORROWSTEEL (listen), picks up where Pre-Life Crisis left off. With its obscure samples, and non-bling topics, Count knew that mainstream audiences wouldn't appreciate his work, and he has wisely promoted and released this album almost exclusively online.

Count has a bunch of mixtapes and beats available for sale online at