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Multiple Man is one of DC's most versatile rappers. His style can't be catagorized as his choice of subject matter varies from political messages to hardcore graphic sex. His most recent album The Multiplexxx is considered by some to be an underground classic. Recently, Multiple Man (also known as Mista Miagi, Multiple Manson, Multiple Murderer, Math Matician, Mad Multiples, Mega Multiples, Ol' Multiples, Daddy Multiples, Michael Myerz, Double M, Masturbation Man and Mystery Man) took some time out and answered a few questions for us here at the Couch Sessions.

How did you get into the music scene? Who or what are your influences?

I got into the music scene when I was a skinny little 10 year old child. I used to sing back then. I discovered I could sing when I was that little 10 year old in Tulsa, Oklahoma while singin' along to old Earth, Wind, & Fire songs. And one of the brothers of a member from The Gap Band actually helped me write some of my songs back in that time. By the time I was 11 & a 1/2 years old, I started fuckin' around with this rap shit! I used to write rhymes for a group I was in! I wrote the lyrics for everybody in the group including myself! After a while….motherfuckas came to the realization that I was the real rapper of the group and they encouraged me to pursue that shit! And I been doin' it ever since! As far as my influences, I can honestly say that I am influenced from my own personal life! And a lotta songs that I write are either a reflection of my true thoughts or something that I have actually experienced or have been exposed to. But YES!….there are artists that influence me. These influences range from the most lyrically skilled rappers to old school rappers to just creative artists in general! Other influences also range from heavy metal rock bands to comedians to old school R & B artists and groups from the 70's! Shit!…I could just fuck around and read something out a comic book or an Iceberg Slim novel and get charged the FUCK UP!!!! So you see, Miss Hipstah…my influences span far beyond music! And anything that sparks me up, I just create my own energy from it and bring forth my light! Kinda like the sun, which is the sole controller of our solar system! The sun will gather the gases of the atmosphere to sustain itself and in turn bring about it's energy in the form of light, you feel me? And if yall wanna see the names of specific people that influence me, yall can check out my webpage at

The topics of your tracks are a little all over the map. In tracks like “Choke My Chicken”, and “Bang That Ass”, you have a more tongue in cheek style, where as in “Murder World”, “The Nation's Capitol” and “In The District” you take on more serious topics dealing specifically with DC. How would you define your style of rap? Would you consider yourself a political rapper?

I can't really define my style of rap. It's undefined. It's like…..whatever matters to me or whatever I feel like writing or rhymin' about, I just put it down. Sometimes I’ll write about my own experiences like for instance with the song “Choke My Chicken”, the shit that I say in that song is based on my actually experiences from indulging in masturbation! I am totally honest in that song right there! And in a song like “The Nation's Capitol”, I felt like the rest of the world needs to know what goes on in our city! When I write songs like “The Nation's Capitol or “Murder World”, I didn't want to just write any ol' hood song with the same ol' shit like most of these bama ass niggas be writin' about! I wanted to graphically and specifically depict the type of shit that really takes place in DC in particular! 'Cause this is where I live! And this is where I've been livin' for most of my life! Like 20 years of my life to be exact! And this is the kinda shit everyone including myself…sees everyday or reads about in the newspaper! That way…not only would folks from outta town get a true illustration of what it's like in DC, but also these songs would be songs that all Washingtonians can identify with, you feel me? As far as being a political rapper? Not really! Some say I'm a nasty rapper! I am quite a sexual person! But I wouldn't consider myself a nasty rapper either! Although sex is my all-time favorite subject, my subject matter expands beyond sex! My subject matter also expands beyond reppin' DC! But overall, there is not a real category that you can fit me in. I'm just…Multiple Man! Perhaps I could be put in…multiple categories!

In your performance at Krunk, you brought a blow up doll as part of your act. Do you always use sex simulations as part of your performances?

Not always. I usually bring that blow up doll to my performances for two songs in particular. Those two songs are “Bang Dat Ass” and “Still Wanna Bang Dat Ass”. Other than that, you'll never know what to expect at a Multiple Man show!

Your album Multiverse came out in 2002 and your other album The Multiplexxx was released in 2004. Do you have any up-coming projects? Concerts or appearances?

With Pharmacy school kickin' my ass, I can't really say if [there will] be a third album comin' out anytime soon. Maybe in either 2006 or 2007, I’ll come out with my 3rd album which will be entitled Multivision! And a DVD simply called “The Multiple Man Show”! I have already came up with titles for 18 Multiple Man albums! Like for instance, I plan to call my nastiest dirtiest album of all, Multiple Orgasms! And I also plan to make a triple CD (not a double CD), simply called The Multiple Album! I also have a Multiple Man Christmas album in mind too! As far as concerts? I do have a show comin' up with The Legendary Blowfly himself on September 14th of this year! This oughta be a damn good show 'cause if you know anything about Blowfly, you'll know that he's one nasty fucker! And I'm one nasty fucker! So two nasty fuckers on one stage? Awwww SHIT!!!! And I have made appearances on a lotta local albums like….you can find me on both Culture Cypha albums! Culture Cypha is a local group that consists of Verse-All, Mr. Vic AKA Enoch the 7th Prophet, and DJ Undadog! You can find me on both Verse-All albums too! I'm on the up-coming D en'D Productions album comin' out this year! And I'm featured on their compilation that came out last year called D en' D at the Movies! I'm on a buncha William Thunda albums! I'm on some Street Code mixtapes and Black Mafia mixtapes! I'm on my nigga Draus album comin' out this year! And I'm also on my niggas CityWyde's album comin' out this year! Check out Skinny Corleone's Houze of Reprezentativez Vol.1, I'm on there as well! Kandi Girl's album! And many other local albums as well! And I'm also on a DVD that you can find at your local stores right now like Capitol City Records, Mad T's or DJ Hut called “Live From the Block — The District”. So while yall waitin' on that 3rd album and more Multiple Man appearances, yall can cop my first two albums at: or Or you can go to Capitol City Records or Planet Chocolate City (I-Hip Hop) and cop em' at these locations! Just thought I'd put that in there!

You have a lot of DC Pride. What are your feelings on the DC Hip Hop scene? Any favorite DC artists?

Honestly, most of these artists out here SUCK!!!!!! But the hip-hop scene is a lot better in this new millenium than it was say in…..the 90's! But what's fuckin' us up from gettin' the true recognition that we really need is that there are a lotta bama ass niggas out here that put out some bullshit and then got the nerve to sell it to people out here! So when a motherfucka that actually got some talent and a damn good product try to make some sales, motherfuckas don't even gamble on em'! So it's like the real talented motherfuckas get shitted on! And the support for DC artists from their own is fuckin' TERRIBLE!!! Motherfuckas out here show us no support! I can't totally complain because I have been supported by my hometown! Moreso than a whole lotta artists out here, I might add! But we still got a long ladder to climb as far as support out here! And then our own radio stations don't really show us no love either! Not really! I mean….they'll show go-go bands some love, but oh noooooooo not them DC rappers! Any favorite DC artists? HELL YEAH!!!! Besides my god damn self, I'd have to say Shambhala, Culture Cypha, Akir, Priest da Nomad, Storm the Unpredictable, Head-Roc, Kingpin Slim, Nile Nu'Man, Dutchess, my little brother Napoleon da Legend, Loonatyk, the Pinnakal, Hood Life Money, Bearwitnez, Cardinal Sin, Porche 9-11, Jane Doe (the artist formerly known as Starr…), D en'D Productions, CityWyde, and many many others! Much respect to the motherfuckin' artists out here that REALLY GOT SOME TALENT!!!! And if you let my nigga Captain Caveman tell it, he'll tell you that there are only 4 artists in the whole DC Area that's truly setting the standards for what DC hip-hop music should be like….and those 4 are….Culture Cypha, Shambhala, Dirty Waters, and Multiple Man!

Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

With a Pharm. D degree in the next 2 years, and a whole bunch of the hottest Multiple Man albums all over the world in perhaps the next 2 years until the rest of my motherfuckin' LIFE!!!! And RICH THAN A MOTHERFUCKA!!!!

What are the top songs playing on your Ipod/MP3 player/CD player right now?

I got a CD player and a CD walkman! And I usually play albums that I fucks with 'cause I can't STAND THE RADIO!!!! And all of the albums that I do play are all local albums! I don't really play anything else but local albums from local fuckin' artists in my city! I am a TRUE SUPPORTER of OUR MUSIC!!!
Some of the albums that I play from my local folks are: The Multiplexxx and The Multiverse of course. I also be bangin' that Priest da Nomad — Mr. Moov Sumthin, CityWyde — Da Come Up, 20 Bello — If I Die B4 I Wake, Young Raven — Shine, Shambhala —The Lotus Of…., Head-Roc — Negrophobia, and plenty of others from out here.

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