Movie Update: Roll Bounce



Every since the beginning of time (and by beginning of time, I do mean the 1970's), there has been only one kind of totally awesome movie. The DANCE movie.

Ok so maybe dance movies aren't all totally awesome. I mean, you have the classics…Breakin', Beat Street and Wild Style. Then you have movies like Save The Last Dance and Honey which aren't so great.

At any rate, Hollywood knows a good thing when they see it and the dance movie is a good thing. It's entertaining for the whole family, because there's a plot line with dance routines. But that does get old after a while. So in order to spice up the plot, why not add…ROLLERSKATES!

Enter Roll Bounce

Starring Bow Wow (Formerly “Lil'”), Chi McBride, Mike Epps, Charlie Murphey, Meagan Good, and Nick Cannon, Roll Bounce, set during the 1970's, tells the story of a group of young man named X who, along with his friends, make up a team of roller skating champs who are forced to move to a new skating rink when their old skool one closes down. Through hard work, slick moves and a few romantic touches, the boys take their chances going up against the best roller skating team in the area and try to win the hearts of the beautiful female skaters.

The film is directed by Malcolm D. Lee of Undercover Brother fame. Malcolm Lee also happens to have a cousin named Spike.

I have a feeling I'm gonna get sucked in to seeing this movie at some
point. The skating does look hot and there are moments in the trailer that look hilarious.

Also, 10% of the proceeds gained on Roll Bounce's opening weekend are going to help aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. So not only does the movie look like a feel good movie. You'll actually feel good about helping someone after you see it.

Roll Bounce opens today.