LA Music: Uponshop, Kicks, Amoeba Music



That's not my picture. However, all of my pictures from my LA trip are on my Flickr Photostream.

Instead of just being another open store taking advantage of the increased foot traffic at the Sunset Junction festival, the crew at Uponshop threw a street party of their own. Near the end of my first day in LA, I got a chance to stop by for a little crate diggin'. Of course, I was too cheap to buy anything, but if I did have money, I would've gotten the sweet vinyl as Marlena Shaw's Spice of Life and for $1.

Coincidentally, I saw the girl of my dreams there too. No Lie. A few weeks ago, I dreamed about a fine ass honey with caramel skin and curly hair spinnin' underground hip-hop once, and here she was (the one on the left), mixing old school soul with hip-hop and reggae and back again. I was in heaven.


A little up the road from Uponshop is Kicks Sole Provider. Usually, I hate going to these “trendy hipster stores,” cause I feel that I'm not “hipster” enough to make it through the door. The last thing I care about when it comes to wardrobe is my shoes, but the staff at Kicks were so damn cool that I almost ended up getting some Addias. But I ended up saving $85 and getting drunk instead.

While were on the music tip, I would also suggest that ya'll check out Amoeba Music on Sunset. It's not the best store in LA for hip-hop, but you can't mention music stores without talking about this place. This place is a Mecca for any type of music fan, and their staff actually knows about music, unlike the mofos at Best Buy.

More California posts coming soon.