INTRODUCTIONS: so very necessary.


Hi. My name is Autumn Caviness and I am an interviewer.

I am not a journalist. I am a liar???I am a journalist for I provide lovely bracketed text for various online and offline magazine journals; thereby, Oxford English Dictionary avers that I am a journalist. I am neither enamored with the term journalist nor the term interview, yet for simplicity's sake, I employ both terms abundantly. I am an interviewer (see what I mean???) who aims for creating liberal conversations with my radio show's (Au80) featured guests.

I am verbose. And my show's interviews habitually journey further than the Brazos River, the longest river in Texas, in terms of duration. Yes, I am from Texas, and blame either my Southern Hospitality or my mama, but my show will not query into the tittle-tattle blather, which may or may not inhabit my featured guests' personal lives. I am not a rumourmonger. Sorry.

I am, however, a fan of exploring the nuances that may elucidate why my featured guest does what he or she does, regarding the contemporary music landscape or a current social activist platform. I am an adorer of smart people and good music. I am of the sentiment that modern mainstream music neglects to exhume good music crafted by smart people. Au80 is my answer to Common's “I Used to Love H.E.R.” dilemma. I am an aficionada of live conversation; thus, every Sunday my show breathes live from, 11 PM ??? 1 AM, eastern.

I am positive that this week provides no exception. Please become tuned for both the incredible activism of Ms. Yvonne Bynoe and the incredible music composition of Ms. Sy Smith will function as Au80's special guests.

I am beyond inquisitive. I fancy that you are, as well. If your mind has questions for either Ms. Bynoe or Ms. Smith, please let me know???I will most certainly ask. I am a Gloria Naylor, Haagen Daaz's Dulce De Leche, Crumb documentary, Ai fanatic. I am an only child.

Hi. My name is Autumn Caviness and it was a pleasure meeting you???