Hot Track: Ludacris, Field Mob, and Ray Charles – Georgia

by Winston "Stone" Ford


With all of the Ray Charles worhip that's going on right now (thanks Kanye), ya'll had to see this coming. Slap me if I'm the last person to post about this, but this might be one of the hottest tracks of the summer (fall?).

  • Kaley

    Ludacris just shot his Ga video yesterday here in albany,ga! I was there to see the whole thing he was so hott!!

  • Northisa Wright

    This is awesome!!!! I also was on the scene of the video shoot and was lucky enough to get in!!! Ludacris is so sexy!!!! I can't wait to see it, when will it air?

  • http://n/a Peter Jenkins a.k.a. lil thrill

    To my boi somoke a.k.a. boondock & shawn j a.k.a. kaloge this is yo boi pete from tha bany i am now staying in tha A so hit yo boi up sometime (404-840-9224) if you don't remember me i am the short dude with the dreads in the video yall made by club exterme always keep it real for dougherty county bany boi out!!

  • jeremy

    how can i contact luda lol serious no joke im a big fan i hav a friend that looks lkike him so me and my friends call him luda hahahaha

  • edward hall

    alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • idk

    I cant stand luda hes a moran for re doing one of the greatest songs of all time