Album Preview: Jamiroquai – Dynamite


Is it me, or does Jamiroquai always come out from nowhere and drop another album? It seems that every time I try to push this group into the 90's nostalgia bin, Jay Kay and company always come back in another last ditch effort to stay relevant.

Sidenote: If ya'll don't know who the hell these dudes are, I suggest that you download buy Travelling Without Moving for a complete Jamiroquai overview.

The band releases its 6th (only 6?) album, entitled Dynamite today. Though the times have changed, the band has kept its “white boy funk” formula in tact for almost 15 years. Other than one crappy album (Synkronized anyone?), the group has consistently stayed on top of the good music mountain, giving lead singer Jay Kay ample amounts of bling in the process.

These guys are gonna end up being the Rolling Stones of funkified soul.

But can this band still be consistent and keep up with the times? I still don't know. The first single, “Feels Just Like It Should” is unimpressive. However, after listening to a couple other tracks (“Dynamite” and “Seven Days”) I'm not going to pass judgment on this album just yet.