AHH! Baltimore Club Getting Hipsterfied!


arts_sameshit.jpgBest quote: “Nobody ever said crossover was going to be easy, but c???mon, kids, stop acting like you were the first kid on your block with a Nintendo.”

Damm. I'm tired of these New York hipsters ruining everything that they come in contact with. First it was MIA, then it was (insert emerging trend here) and now its……Baltimore club?

Yes, New York hipsters (who are a cancer on our socitey and must be obliterated) are now taking over Baltimore club, the regional artform that has been a staple of the Charm City for over 15 years.

I'm sorry if I offended the hipsters who read this site (we get a lot of hits from Williamsburg apparently), but ya'll seem to have this pleasure of claiming “the next big thing,” and sucking it dry, and moving on with no respect to the artist or the culture whatsoever.

This ish needs to stop.

Rome asks….is go-go next?