Who Needs Chappelle's Show?


rkellytrapped.gifAlthough Dave Chappelle won't be returning to his popular show, R Kelly has not only filled his shoes, but he has inspired others to re-imagine Kelly's comic genius.

You may remember R Kelly's infamous Trapped in the Closet DVD that came out a few weeks ago. Well, for those who were too confused (or too amused) to keep up with what was going on, someone (with too much time on their hands) decided to help ya'll out by providing Cliffs Notes for the entire series (including character sex map).

Read up over the weekend kids. There will be a quiz on Monday.

And it doesn???t end there. There's Harry Potter's Trapped Under the Stairs, and The Sims version of Trapped In The Closet (which is better than the DVD series, sad).

Obviously if you're obsessing over a crappy R Kelly video then you're not gettin' enough play. Ya'll need to get girlfriends.

(Links via Funk Digital, Different Kitchen)