The Couch Sessions Podcast 003: Kierstin Gray

by Winston "Stone" Ford

kgray.jpgNew York singer-songwriter Kierstin Gray says that she's “the best music you've never heard.”

And you know what? She's right.

The Acoustic soul storyteller is ready to take the world by storm in 2005. Many would compare her sound to Jill Scott or Tracey Chapman, however, Gray's simple melodies and poigniant lyrics allow her to create a sound that is distictly her own.

Kierstin grew up in suburban New Jersey, but she now calls New York City her home. In NYC, Kierstin has managed to win over fans and critics alike as well as create the Skylark Series for female singer songwriters. In addition, Kierstin has worked with various AIDS and Homeless orginzations in the New York region.

In this interview, recorded at Mustang Sally's Saloon in Manhattan, Kierstin talks about her love for the guitar, her influences, the problems with the mainstream music industry, and gives advice for independent musicians.

Songs Featured in the Podcast:

  1. Let You Slip Away
  2. If I Fell For You
  3. May Day Song

More Information:

  • Wendy X

    Like whoa. you're 2 for 2 on the podcasts, buddy ;)

    didn't know there was so much good music out there. I guess I gotta trade in my Britney Spears CDs

  • Wendy X

    okay, just in case ya'll took me seriously

    i don't have any britney spears cds :)

  • Stone


    We're all rational and understanding adults. If you have britney spears cds then we'll understand

    we just won't make fun of ya to your face, hee hee :)

  • T-Steel

    WHOA! Kirsten Gray is an acoustic masterpiece. Sista really grabs your soul.

  • Stone


    Diggin' your blog. It's been added to the blogroll

    I actually forwarded your nice words to Kierstin as well.