Starbucking It All The Way To The Bank (Hopefully)



A new documentary film is in the works right now and it is similar to Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me. I think.

Entitled Starbucking, the film by Bill Tangeman. follows a young man from Texas hell bent on visiting EVERY Starbucks. That's right. Every last one.

His name is Winter (seen above right) and his reasons for taking on this task may at first seem slightly vague. He calls himself an enthusiast and is doing this to be different. And well, it's definitely setting him apart from the rest of the crowd. His website has a list of all the stores he has already visited

Winter took time out of his busy schedule of answering TV and radio interviews to answer a few questions for The Couch Sessions.

It seems you've been going to Starbucks for a while. When did it first occur to you the you wanted to visit every one?

I was sitting at a Starbucks in Plano, TX, talking
about all the new stores in Dallas and how quickly the
company was growing, and the idea to visit every store
just popped into my mind randomly.

Are there any political reasons for doing this?

Absolutely not.

Are there any differences in the taste of the coffee from the
varying Starbucks? Or is it all pretty much standard?

Starbucks coffee is amazingly consistent throughout
the country, and it even tasted the same overseas,
except for the sugar, which comes from a different

What do you think is the main customer draw to Starbucks?

I think it provides a cheap place to hang out for
hours and study, socialize, whatever.

What do you generally order?

A short (8oz) drip coffee.

Which is your favorite Starbucks so far?

I don't have a favorite, but the original one (of
three) at Preston and Park in Plano was where I
started hanging out, and it has a place in my heart.

What are your hopes for the documentary? Where would you like to see it go?

I would like the documentary to make $100 million!!!
Of course I'd like to see it distributed overseas, but
I don't know if the humor will translate.

Does the Starbucks Company know that you're doing this? If yes, then are they in touch with you?

Starbucks knows everything that is made public about
them. They contacted me first to find out if I had a
political motive, and then I was sent a book and mugs
by a vice-president. That is the extent of their
contact with me.

What are your feelings on their Hear Music series? Have any favorite CDs?

I've discovered various artists at Starbucks–Kelly
Willis, Emmylou Harris, Lori McKenna. I like some of
the songs by new artist Antigone Rising, but I won't
buy the CD–I prefer to buy the songs I want online,
and they are not yet offered. That reminds me, need to
check on the iTunes free song of the day, and also
read The Boondocks.

Standard Couch Sessions Question: What are the top songs playing on your Ipod/MP3 Player/CD Player right now?

I don't own a personal music player–I use iTunes on
my laptop. Most recently I've been playing
Springsteen's “Atlantic City”, U2's “City of Blinding
Lights”, Tom McRae's “You Only Disappear”, several
tracks from Devils & Dust, and some Mary Chapin