Sound of Japone is Music To A Lounger's Ears


cafejapone.jpgJust west of Dupont Circle, on P Street is Cafe Japone. A cozy restaurant/bar, Cafe Japone offers up some of the area's best sushi. It also offers up bad karaoke and on some occasions, comedy. But one of the nicest parts of Japone is the downstairs bar. Most don't even realize that it's there.

Once you enter the downstairs door, you pass through another small dining area before entering an exotically lit bar. It kinda makes you wonder if you slipped underwater (think of Superman's cave. It kinda feels like that). It is here that one of the sexiest house/drum & bass nights takes place.

Sound of Japone is something not to be missed. With a line up that changes weekly, there is a variety of music that fits a variety of music listeners' needs. From Drum & Bass or Chill House to Grime or Funk, there is music there for everyone to listen to.


Started by the Mind Control Crew and more specifically DJs Godfather Sage, AB Logic and Sickboy, Sound has become one of DC's chillest nights. And has also sparked some notice. This past March, they set up a Sound of Japone night at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. They wanted to give everyone a taste of DC and it was well received.

DJ Godfather Sage, one of the main DJs at Japone, has been in the industry for a while. Ever since he started making hip hop beats in 1996, Godfather Sage has been working with a variety of other artists including Baltimore conscious rappers Last Prophecy (along with Ibrahim First Born, Yung War and Apostle). He's produced for Lucci Severe and R&B/soul sensation Deborah Bond, and was one of the executive producers for Born Infinite's contraversial “The Mohammed EP”.
Currently working on a solo album project, Godfather Sage continues working with The Mind Control Crew with AB Logic, Sickboy, Axiom and Born Infinite of the underground hiphop duo Shambhala. His tracks have been played in the US, UK and Europe. He along the rest of Mind Control Crew are definitely some of DC's all star DJs.


If you want to check out Sound of Japone, you can go each Thursday night. This Thursday (August 11th), DJs Signal and Hitoi will be joining the Mind Control Crew. Or you can check out their MySpace pages: Sound of Japone, Godfather Sage, AB Logic and Axiom. Also stay tuned for a Couch Sessions Podcast interview with DJ Godfather Sage.